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Governance Risk and Compliance

Managing risk and compliance
Governance is the key to good business management

Good governance makes good sense,
which makes for good business

The team at PKF is passionate about bringing out the best in every business by helping to navigate the broad range of governance, risk and compliance issues specific to you. We deliver the clarity that will get you closer to your goals.

Our team of technical and industry experts partner with organisations to create a framework that helps define what a business stands for. We use this to determine how your purpose impacts governance, risk and compliance challenges and opportunities.

Increased transparency and insights into your governance, risk and compliance can help you create a more efficient and effective business and improve overall performance.

We make it easy to implement a governance, risk and compliance framework for your business.

Access global expertise
And improve trust from inside and outside your organisation

We open-up your world to PKF’s global expertise and provide tailored advice across the spectrum of:

  • Board and committee structure and design
  • Board skills matrices
  • Risk appetite statements
  • Culture and conduct assessments
  • Fit for purpose internal audit plan development
  • Procurement and contract management reviews
  • Procurement risk advisory reviews
  • Benchmarking against the ASX’s 4th edition of its corporate governance principles
  • Directors’ duties, integrity prevention and best practice responses to the Royal commission awareness and training sessions
  • Enterprise risk management assessments
  • AML Independent reviews

At PKF, we understand the challenges you face and have the knowledge and experience to support you and your business. We are here to provide you the help you need, when you need.

Governance: Using the ‘four pillars’ to answer key governance questions

Governance is an often misunderstood or misinterpreted phrase, yet it is present in every organisation regardless of size or background. The four pillars of good governance are accountability, fairness, transparency and independence. Governance is therefore concerned with engagement, communication and culture, which in almost every instance are the drivers of decision and broader corporate activity.
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Risk Management: Early identification is key to success

Risk management is no longer simply about ‘what can go wrong’. Today, strong risk management techniques identify both risks and opportunities and help align and focus resources on core objectives.
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Internal audit: Accelerate business growth

Our experience tells us the better you understand your risk profile, the better positioned you are to prevent risk from impacting on the health of your business.  Our internal audit specialists are trusted by leading Australian and international organisations to identify and manage risk, generate strategic value and improve business performance.
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