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Governance Advisory

Getting governance right

The importance of leadership in managing risk and compliance

Good corporate governance is key
to operating more efficiently

Governance is an often misunderstood or misinterpreted phrase, yet is present in every organisation regardless of size or background.

The four pillars of good governance are accountability, fairness, transparency and independence.
Governance is therefore concerned with engagement, communication and culture, which in almost every instance are the drivers of decision and broader corporate activity.

Effective governance is essential to enable better decision making. At PKF we help you develop strong governance practices by working with you to answer questions such as:

  • How does your management team engage with your Board?
  • How does your management engage with your employees?
  • How does the CEO engage with the Chair?
  • How do they collectively engage with external stakeholders?

Large or small, listed or private, public sector or family owned, we will partner with you in your governance journey.

The keys to success are within reach. Our job is to get you there.

Compliance demands grow with your business
our team can help you ensure you are meeting core obligations

The compliance and regulatory environments continue to change and evolve rapidly, increasing in complexity and requiring an ongoing commitment of time and resources.

The better you understand your compliance risk profile, the better positioned you are to prevent non-compliance from impacting on your ability to meet business ambitions today or in the future. Our team of local experts have access to global resources and extensive knowledge of your obligations as a business.

We’ll help you navigate a wide range of compliance and governance issues, which will clear your pathway to achieving your business goals.

Join us now on the path to good governance.