The PKF Wealth Portal

Introducing the PKF Newcastle and Sydney Wealth Portal

The PKF Newcastle and Sydney Wealth Portal has been meticulously crafted to enhance the advisory experience for our clients.

Our user-friendly portal consolidates your financial information into a single, easily accessible platform. With top-tier security measures akin to those of banks, it ensures your data's safety. You can effortlessly sign electronic documents, utilise the online live balance sheet, and receive crucial notifications and client updates round the clock. Most importantly, it empowers you to oversee and navigate your complete financial universe with ease, whether you access it via our website or through the dedicated app.

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Your login details

PKF Newcastle and Sydney Wealth Portal login details will be provided to you by your PKF Team. Non-PKF clients cannot access the portal.

Once you have successfully activated your account with our team, take advantage of the PKF Newcastle and Sydney Wealth Portal for quick access to your financial information while you're on the move.

You can log in via the link above in any browser or download the PKF Newcastle and Sydney App today by clicking the link below.Don't forget, ensure your account is set up with us first before you proceed!

Your wealth portal

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All your data in one place

Unlock the power of simplicity! Your personal and business data, all in one place – seamlessly streamlined for success.

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How to setup and use your Wealth Portal

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