2019 People PKFI 50Th Anniversary

Our Melbourne Team

Local innovators with creative insights  

PKF Melbourne is a team of financial and business experts who understand the power of local innovation and unique insights.

Our team works with businesses and individuals using our global knowledge to put goals in motion so you can grow professionally and financially.

Many of us are Melbournians, born and bred. We understand the local landscape and what it takes to excel locally, nationally and on an international scale.

With extensive networks, an expansive skillset and a range of incredible resources in our hands, we are can offer you a reliable, trustworthy and efficient financial advisory service.

Our Melbourne office has been serving the greater community since 1962. Over that time, we’ve had the opportunity to provide opportunities and support to businesses, allowing them to work confidently into the future knowing their finances and business direction is secure.  

The team at PKF Melbourne work as a tight-knit team. We share our insights, niche expertise, specialist resources and deep relationships for everyone’s benefit.