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The PKF Adelaide Foundation

Going beyond just the numbers for those in need

2022 Applications for support are now closed.

Thank you to everyone who applied. We will be reviewing applications shortly.

We take our role in the Adelaide community and the opportunity to support those in need very seriously.

We launched the PKF Adelaide Foundation to create a formal platform for our team to help the more vulnerable community members across our service area.

The people and partners of PKF Adelaide are committed to being responsible leaders by investing increasing amounts of time, money, and skills in community projects. And our team get a real thrill out of playing a role in giving back to those in need.

The PKF Adelaide Foundation Vision

The PKF Adelaide Foundation’s focus is on supporting families and empowering women across South Australia. The Foundation provides this support by raising and distributing funds, as well as providing staff who are passionate about volunteering their time towards tasks and projects that give back to those in needs.

How is the Foundation structured?

The Foundation is governed by its trustee, PKF Adelaide Foundation Pty Ltd. The company has a Board which currently includes seven Directors. As a company, it is subject to the Australian Corporations Law, with appropriate regulations for the appointment and removal of board members.

Information for charities and not-for-profits

Which organisations are eligible for donations?

Under the terms of the Deed of the PKF Adelaide Foundation and taxation laws, the PKF Adelaide Foundation can only make donations to charitable organisations with both Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Item 1 and Tax Concession Charity (TCC) status. TCC status was formerly called Income Tax Exempt Charity (ITEC) status.

How can I apply for a funding grant?

If you meet the eligibility criteria mentioned above, you can apply for a funding grant by completing the ‘Application for Support’ form. All grant applications will be considered at our quarterly board meetings.

Information for businesses and individuals looking to support the PKF Adelaide Foundation

Does 100 per cent of my money go to charity?

PKF Adelaide absorbs all administrative costs for the Foundation, so 100 per cent of your donation will go directly towards the charity in need.

How does donating to the Foundation provide additional benefit to the charity?

The PKF Foundation in conjunction with PKF Adelaide not only make monetary donations to projects but will also offer a partnership with the organisations to provide volunteering, pro bono services and mentoring advice.

Is my PKF Adelaide Foundation donation tax deductible?

Yes, donations of $2 or more are fully tax deductible.

How can I help the PKF Adelaide Foundation?

You can help the PKF Adelaide Foundation:

  • By making a tax-deductible donation
  • By volunteering your time or skills to one of our charitable partners
  • By spreading the word among family, friends, colleagues and others.
  • By considering the Foundation in your will and making a bequest
  • By implementing a workplace giving program for your staff.