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WillowBee Early Learning Centre: Providing financial expertise on expanding business portfolios

When Jon Fitch decided to expand his business portfolio to include childcare operations, he knew he wanted a leading business accounting adviser at hand to ensure his success.

Jon took over ownership of WillowBee Early Learning Centre in 2010 and reached out to PKF Business Advisory Director/Partner Nicholas Falzon for help with an effective accounting system to ensure the best return from his investment.

With multiple entities to manage, a complex group structure and the challenges of tax planning and accounting reports, we were able to make overseeing Jon’s businesses’ finances, simple.

Nicholas’ extensive experience in advising high net-worth individuals in relation to their investment structuring and financial success, and expertise in taxation, commercial and valuation across a range of industries meant Jon had access to the advice and support he needed, when he needed it.

After seeing the value of effective business finance management, our relationship with Jon quickly expanded from establishing a cloud-based accounting platform to being instrumental in developing valuable processes and systems to help the business manage its accounting needs.

There was also the need to establish appropriate trusts and structures to encompass both the business and personal finances of Jon’s family.

Nick has delivered great advice on how we treat certain situations and set up things in terms of our day-to-day transactions, Jon said.

“He’s also been very helpful in terms of financial structures around how we structure debt and equity. As a business, we are very relationship-driven, and we value the relationships we have at PKF.”

At PKF, we understand that family businesses have a range of unique challenges and strengths. To be successful, a good combination of professional and personal interests in the business and being mindful of the need for a healthy family dynamic, are qualities PKF advocates and demonstrates.

“We think of ourselves as partners to our clients when it comes to growing their businesses and business portfolios, as we are able to provide a complete financial picture that provides confidence that they are taking the right steps to maximise revenue and improve success,” Nicholas said.

“For professionals like Jon, with multiple business entities and the complexities that come with that, having someone there that you can rely on to provide reliable insight and advice to help you move forward with business decisions is vital. It can also help to provide an intermediary when facing challenging decisions around finances, business and family, to ensure the best outcome for those involved.”

Our experts can work with you to ensure security for your family, your business and yourself, whilst developing the optimum strategy for a successful succession process, both in the short, and long-term.

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