What is it about audit?

As we recently passed Auditor Proud Day (29 September) it was time reflect on why I have been auditing for 24 years, and why I still look forward to the challenge that every day brings. This is contrary to the stigma attached to audit, being profession is dull and tedious.

So why do I believe audit is such a vibrant profession, and why do I remain passionately committed to it?

For me it is the variety; it has a bit of everything. Being an auditor means you are not sitting in the same office all the time and it involves using your brain in different ways as you adapt to the client and their requirements. For me, it’s all about the people, the learnings, the challenges and the fact that no job is ever the same.

In my 24 years I have been audit partner for 15 of those years. The more technical and mentally exhausting - the more fulfilling and satisfying. It brings me sheer joy to point clients in the correct direction and to work with them to resolve possible issues.

Since starting at PKF in Christchurch our audit assurance team has multiplied significantly, which is just fantastic. I have loved seeing our team grow over this time, and also how the dynamics and way we work are constantly changing.

Another great part of my role is seeing team members confidence build, at all levels. From graduates starting with us, you see them flourish as their experience grows. You see them come out of their shells and professionally develop. Also, to see seniors take on new tasks of being involved in the tendering process, managing workflows and involvement in board meetings. It’s just great seeing people start wearing different hats and have a spring in their steps when they do so.

Obviously as our team has grown so too has the types and sizes of our clients, and this mix is great to really make our jobs interesting, and I think it works both ways as our clients benefit too from our overall experience and increased value-added offerings.

Also being part of the PKF International network really allows us to expand our wings, from both what we can offer clients, as well as what we can offer our team, be it secondments or transfers. There are fantastic people who I have met within the PKF network, who are always very open to bounce ideas off. Being able to meet them face to face at our conferences is an added bonus.

As Head of the People Pillar for PKF Australia & New Zealand Audit & Assurance, it’s great that our auditors from all the different offices get together and experience the same PKF national training in Sydney, on an annual basis as they climb the ladder. This is a great way to not only be trained together but also from the very start to build relationships within PKF.

Also being a working career woman, PKF has allowed me flexibility. I’m lucky enough to only have to work one of the school holidays, knowing that helps me through the busy audit season!

I feel like the hunger for learning that started me in the audit profession is still with me today, not only do I want to succeed at what I do, but I want everyone around me to succeed too, my team, my clients, and PKF. I think you get out of auditing what you put in. Job satisfaction, that’s what keeps me doing it!

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