Welcome to the 2015 edition of Clarity

By the leaders of PKF Audit & Assurance

18 August 2015
  • Audit & Assurance

Welcome to the 2015 edition of Clarity.

In this edition, our expert accountants and auditors discuss:

Corporate Reporting Considerations

    • Directors take note - ASIC's 30 June 2015 targets 
    • 30 June 2015 accounting standards changes

ASX Insights 

    • Revised ASX corporate - governance principles for 30 June 
    • Governance- related ASX listing rule amendments

Not-For-Profit Notes

    • ACNC round-up 
    • Related-party disclosure amendments
    • Income of NFP entities proposals

Accounting Standards Update

    • Employee benefits - corporates bond rate applies 
    • Effects of bringing leases onto balance sheets 
    • Revenue- standard's effective date deferral likely 

Compliance Concerns

    • CEO charged with fraud 

Governance Rules 

    • Auditors' report proposals affect boards and management too 
    • Your 'other information' in the annual report to get more audit scrutiny 
    • New rules for proving assurance on your controls 
    • APRA's risk- management prudential standard

Industry Focus - AFS Licencees

    • Risk management by responsible entities - ASIC enquires 
    • ASIC cancels AFS licence
    • More ASIC licence cancellations and enforcements 

We hope you find this edition of value and please feel free to contact your local Audit and Assurance Partners for any further assistance. 

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