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Stacie Shaw - PKF Newcastle's New Partner

PKF is proud to announce the promotion of Stacie Shaw to Partner.

Stacie started as a trainee in the CA Achiever program in 2006, gaining exposure across several business units. Today she becomes a Partner of one of the top accounting firms in Australia.

“My greatest joy is being responsible for someone’s grin – PKF gives me opportunity to do what I love and happen to be good at, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Whether I’m working with clients or the team internally, from the driest positive tax outcome to a holistic system change or just making a silly joke, I’ve done my job if someone’s day is easier, better and I’ve put a smile on their face.” said Shaw.

Stacie has not had a traditional journey to Partner.

“Becoming Partner for me was ironically not the end goal. After working my way up to Manager level, I decided for various reasons that I didn’t want to be a Partner in an accounting firm and thought I’d best start looking elsewhere. The Newcastle Business Advisory Partners found out, and to my great surprise and in what was a huge compliment, wanted me to stick around anyway, and asked me to write my own job description. The rest is history.” said Stacie.

That history includes an internal strategy / operations role as Commercial Manager, where Stacie furthered her passion for streamlining processes and creating efficiencies. In 2013 Stacie moved into an internal CFO/HR/Operations role across the Newcastle & Sydney practice for four years, before returning from maternity leave into the Newcastle Business Advisory team.

PKF most recently capitalized on Stacie’s experience managing clients and working across multiple divisions, her intimate knowledge of our systems, and her relationships across the firm to co-lead the governance team introducing a new tech stack for over 380 users. The implementation across the 13 divisions of PKF’s Sydney and Newcastle offices involves Stacie working with software champions within each division, liaising with software vendors, and continuously collaborating, gaining feedback, and reporting on all new updates.

“It’s a rare but proud occasion to see one of our people go the whole way with us from Trainee to Partner. Stacie has continued to go above and beyond for her team and our firm, enabling us to become more efficient and effective in everything we do. Most importantly, she has done this with an incessantly positive attitude that has permeated the firm, we couldn’t thank her enough.” said Andrew Beattie, Director.

Stacie will work with clients on their own process and system improvements, as well as continue to drive the operational strategy for the firm, but now as a Partner – a true reflection of her development and commitment to the success of herself and those around her.

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