Proudly supporting the Nelson Bay Touch Football Association

Proudly supporting the Nelson Bay Touch Football Association

The Nelson Bay Touch Football Association (NBTA) is a pivotal part of the community of Port Stephens. PKF’s partnership with the association is a testament to our unwavering commitment to the local area and the impact we have on community involvement and support. As an advocate for community initiatives, we are proud to be part of this journey.

PKF Port Stephens Partner, Teresa Richardson, who is a certified Practicing Accountant at PKF, stated that the NBTA holds a special place in the hearts of many.

“Almost every resident has, at some point, been involved in or supported these local yet fiercely competitive competitions. As a previous player, committee treasurer, local referee, and even a state selector, my passion for this sport transcends generations as my children continue to play, and now my grandchildren,” Teresa said.

One of the most heartwarming aspects of this collaboration is witnessing the growth and success of the junior competition in 2023. At PKF, we’re proud to support an initiative that empowers young athletes and creates a safe environment where sportsmanship and teamwork flourish. This partnership signifies PKF's dedication to community development where we can inspire and shape the community’s future.

Our PKF Port Stephens team has been working closely with Trent Colley, a devoted member of the NBTA committee, who has brought to life a sponsorship that echoes our enthusiasm to fostering local sports. With over 70 teams registered for the 2023 junior competitions, the largest ever, the financial support provided has been vital in the association's growth. It has enabled further coaching opportunities for junior players and additional support to the association’s referees in their development during mid-week competitions, as well as at a representative level.

“Nelson Bay Touch Football Association is extremely grateful for the support and partnership with PKF. We look forward to forming a long-standing relationship within our local community with PKF by continuing to grow our sport each and every year,” Trent said.

We eagerly anticipate building our relationship with the Nelson Bay Touch Football Association, working hand in hand to continually expand the horizons of this beloved sport in the Port Stephens community.

We wish the Nelson Bay Touch Football Association a great season ahead.

PKF. Your winning teammate for touch football.

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