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Hunter Breast Care Breakfast

Power, Knowledge, Freedom.

In 2006, PKF started its Annual Breast Care Breakfast in order to empower our local Breast Care Nurses and give them the opportunity to be able to attend educational conferences and expand their knowledge. One of our partners, lost his wife to breast cancer and we felt we needed to support him and mark her memory in some small way. 14 years later, the breakfast has raised over $280,000, contributed to 13 conferences and supported many Breast Care Nurses in the Hunter Valley through the Hunter Nurse Education Group.

Whilst our firm name, PKF, is a nod to the founders of the PKF federation, Mr. William Henry Pannell, Mr Errol Kerr and Mr. William J. Forster, we believe that the letters represent the way we help our clients.

Power, Knowledge, Freedom.

The job that each of the Hunter Breast Care Nurses do, is very similar. We know that each of their patients feels empowered by them, they gain knowledge from them and having a Breast Care Nurse by their side, creates a freedom for them to truly be able to express their deepest thoughts and feelings whilst facing the battle of their lives.

"The work they do in providing support, encouragement and simply a shoulder for sufferers to lean on is second to none.The funds raised each year by this event means the nurses are able to continue their training and education in the specialist field of breast cancer care. They can access expert training both locally and further afield and it is these real and tangible results that drive ongoing support,” - Bob Bell, Managing Director, PKF Sydney & Newcastle

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