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ESG - the future of reporting

Reporting on ESG outcomes is an increasing expectation of investors, and a legal requirement for some organisations. 

It can be difficult to know where to start, so, to assist with your transition to ESG reporting, we have consulted experts in this field to glean insights from their experiences.

Prevention and education is the way towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

Top tips for climate disclosure reporting

We have consulted with a range of businesses to find that, of most importance when reporting on ESG outcomes, is the need to have a well-presented set of objectives, clearly linked to the entity’s purpose and strategy.

In addition, high quality climate disclosures must:

  • Be tailored and relevant to your business and key stakeholders
  • Align climate targets to those for the rest of the business
  • Include timeframes and set targets over a variety of timeframes
  • Make strategy and targets achievable and realistic to ensure accountability by the company and buy-in from stakeholders
  • Not be vague or misleading to avoid any risk of greenwashing
  • Disclose links between climate impacts and financial performance indicators
  • Use scenario analysis when discussing strategy for the move towards net zero
  • Embed the reporting process into ongoing operations as something that is always evolving
  • Use tables and graphs to present disclosures, where suitable.

Case study: Not-for-profit

In their Annual Report, Far North REAP Society Incorporated, based in New Zealand, recognises the relevance of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a better and more sustainable future for their community.

As a result they have chosen to focus on nine goals that are particularly relevant in areas where they can make a difference through their delivery and services. They understand that this is a journey, and they strive to make changes, shape behaviour and align policies to help them reach their sustainable goals.

Annual goals measured by Far North REAP Society Incorporated



No poverty
  • Ensure all staff receive the minimum wage or higher.
Zero hunger
  • Community and staff plant, maintain and harvest a community garden/market and cook meals from produce, promoting a sustainable lifestyle.
Good health and wellbeing
  • Encourage a four day week for a healthy work/life balance
  • Staff have access to an Employee Assistance Program.
Quality education
  • Delivery of education is customised to meet community need.
Gender equality
  • Adhere to the Human Rights Act and offer equal
    employment opportunities.
Affordable and clean energy
  • A hybrid car available for staff use
  • Introduced LED lights to reduce electricity consumed
  • Installed hand dryers in bathrooms
  • Aims to have solar panels that produce 100% clean energy.
Responsible consumption and production
  • All food scraps are sustainably diverted. No food is placed in landfill
  • Used hand towels are turned into reusable compost.
Climate action
  • Implemented a system to monitor carbon emissions, overseen by a Sustainability Committee, which reports to the leadership team and board
  • Aims to reduce carbon emissions by planting trees and recycling.
Life on land
  • Had a Marae based wananga (sleep-over) to teach students how to care for their land.

By focusing on nine clear goals, we believe we can achieve a more sustainable future for our community.

Overall, the initiatives Far North REAP have in place aim to increase community awareness about how to care for their environment to ensure future generations can enjoy what we have today. They firmly believe prevention and education is the way towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

For any assistance with your ESG reporting, please do not hesitate to contact your local PKF Audit & Assurance specialist.

Further case studies from other sectors will be provided in future editions of Clarity.

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