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Auditors take the lead as PKF promote to the top

PKF today announced 19 promotions across their audit and assurance, corporate finance, and business recovery and insolvency teams.

The most notable being that of the promotion of David Hutchison and Kevin Helmers to Principal, both integral leaders within the firm’s audit and assurance unit.

Hutchison started with PKF over 14 years ago, introduced through their REACH program, designed as an introduction to accounting for graduates. During this time, Hutchison has played a key role in the PKF International and PKF Australia data analytics strategy teams, changing the way that audits are delivered and the insights that are provided to clients.

Helmers joined the firm over six years ago, following a career in carpentry where he found that his natural mathematical ability was as valued and essential to success as his cutting and nailing. Following that numbers route, led him to accounting where he maintains a specialty working with the manufacturing industry including working closely work with one of the largest manufacturers in Australia encompassing over 15 entities.

“I am very passionate about being able to provide value to my clients through analytics and critical thinking. I am excited that through my new role, I can continue to evolve with my team and help form the next era of data driven auditors.” said Hutchison.

“It’s all about asking the right questions…” said Helmers. “An audit is all about an opportunity led process that I provide to my clients. I thrive in working with them to provide workable solutions. This is an exciting next step in my career and highlights the dedication to growth that PKF has to offer.”.

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