Client Profile: Hatch – Riding The Wave of Change

By Anthony Gomes
Taxation Manager
16 September 2020

How can we find meaning in our work? Career discovery and experimentation are crucial to achieving this. But more often than not, it’s hard to explore alternate paths, and operating on autopilot throughout our work lives has become a norm.

It’s the challenge at the core of Hatch’s mission. Hatch is a Sydney-based tech startup that has created a digital platform to connect young people with paid work opportunities at leading organisations such as Westpac, Qantas and Atlassian. These experiential learning opportunities help young people discover the right starting point for their working life.

Since 2017, founders Adam Jacobs and Chaz Heitner alongside their team, have been investing in matching science capabilities that level the playing field in the hiring process. Rather than focus on grades or CVs, they look at fit based on underlying strengths, motivations and preferences.

The seven-day deadline

When the COVID-19 pandemic first struck in March, the first thing the Hatch team did was speak to 10 of their customers. A consistent theme emerged: labour redeployment. Many businesses were either needing to stand down staff or rapidly scale their teams to meet new demand.

The Hatch team saw an opportunity to use their existing technology to help businesses and individuals navigate the crisis together. Within a week of those first customer calls, the was operating.

The B2B exchange matched stood down workers from Australia’s top employers such as Qantas, Virgin Australia and IHG with temporary work opportunities that are a good fit for their transferable skills. Since the launch, over 200 businesses and 12,000 impacted staff have participated.

The support of Hatch’s partners has been critical to the team’s ability to start redeployment operations and continue to navigate the ups and downs of the pandemic.

“PKF has been a key partner since our founding. Partnering with the team at PKF has allowed us to focus on our core operations knowing that the PKF team can be a trusted steward of our tax and accounting function” says Chaz.

As the effects of COVID-19 continue to be felt by individuals and businesses, heartening stories have emerged along the way.

“We’ve seen a willingness from workers to adapt their skillsets to roles where they can add value during the pandemic. We’ve seen pilots transition to call centres and retail workers matched to customer support roles in banks. All are using their existing talent in new ways at these businesses” says Adam.

What’s next for Hatch?

Following the success of the exchange, the Hatch team spent time exploring the question of “Where to from here?” It’s the same question Australian business leaders are collectively trying to answer as we look towards rebuilding the economy.

Hatch’s learnings from operating both the student and B2B exchange model has given clarity to what’s needed to support Australia’s future workforce. Employers need to build their capabilities in the digital value chain, utilising a flexible workforce for cost agility and innovative thinking. Workers will need to reskill into new career pathways to find employment. And more than ever before, young people will need support entering the workforce.

These insights have culminated into a project they’re calling “Hatch 2.0”. The goal will be to deliver value to a broader range of businesses looking for emerging talent through a cost disruptive and flexible hiring platform.

“We want Hatch to be at the forefront of enabling teams to discover the best emerging digital talent that will underpin their growth for decades to come,” says Chaz.