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Real Estate and Construction 

Real Estate and Construction Advice 

that provides innovative solutions for the property industry 

If you operate a business in the real estate or construction industries, you know how complex it can be to navigate effective business in fluctuating markets and ever-changing regulations.

 The property industry is a unique beast that presents its own set of challenges and ample opportunities to benefit from domestic and international investors.

The dynamic nature of your market gives more reason to trust a finance expert who specialises in your field and speaks your language. PKF’s national team of trusted real estate and construction finance specialists have a long history of providing expert support to businesses operating in the property space.

Our team of property finance specialists are active in the industry, serve a variety of market participants and are involved in several business associations including the Property Council of Australia and the Urban Land Institute of Australia.

We use our industry knowledge, local expertise and global network of experienced financial advisers to provide innovative solutions to help your business grow, succeed in complex markets and operate at its best.

Understand the real estate market and your future investments with the help of our specialists.

Strategic advisory services for real estate and construction businesses 
we speak your language 

PKF is a market leader in the real estate and construction sectors. Your business is at the heart of what we do – we’re just as comfortable speaking about your financial needs as we are discussing development applications and real estate franchise requirements.

We take the time to understand your business needs and goals and provide a range of services that will deliver the most effective and measurable results. Our services include:

  • Audit and assurance: including financial statement audits, reporting on special purpose financial statements, variable outgoing (OPEX) audits, trust account audits, and agreed upon procedures examinations
  • Advisory services: including financial due diligence, M&A support, corporate finance consulting, and advice around corporate governance
  • Consulting: including both a big picture and fine detail look at your business and can involve accounting support or financial statement preparation
  • Taxation and compliance services: including tax structuring advice, tax compliance services and company secretarial services

Initiate a strategic plan with support of PKF’s financial expertise

Real Solutions 
for real results 

Our team is experienced in working with real estate and construction businesses across a broad spectrum of sub-sectors. These include:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Hotels
  • Construction
  • Developers
  • Funds
  • Operators
  • Private holdings
  • Publicly listed enterprises

We understand that the property sector demands an integrated approach to service delivery, and you’ll feel assured that your business is in good hands when you work with us.

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