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Students and graduates

Join PKF Australia for more than just a job

Looking to get ahead of the game
and kick-start your career while studying


Are you currently a university student studying business, economics or accounting, or have you recently graduated? Are you looking to get ahead of the game and kick-start your career while studying? Are you passionate about solving problems and finding opportunities before they arise?

Fast-track your career by working with one of the most highly regarded global brands – PKF Australia.

We offer numerous opportunities and a variety of programs to help students who are studying or recently graduated to pursue their passions and interests and create a fulfilling career.

Our national and global team shares a forward-thinking and entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for helping businesses and individuals to achieve their financial goals and needs.

We strive to enrich our communities, lead the way through innovations and ideas, and support our next generation of big thinkers who share our vision.

If you are ready to be part of something bigger, we want to hear from you.

What can PKF do for me as a student?
Empowering you with industry experience during your studies

Taking the first step into your career after leaving university can be tough. PKF Australia provides pathways for current students and graduates to discover a role that empowers and complements your passions, and gives you access to a global learning experience to refine your skills and career interests.

We offer both part-time and full-time positions across a diverse range of business areas.

We believe the best way to understand and be successful in your industry is by immersing yourself in it early. So, we open the doors to students through study support and flexible work arrangements and give you the opportunity to work with a leading global brand from day one.

Make that first leap into your career with PKF Australia.