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24 Mar 2017

Your Future of Choice - Getting Financially Organised

I recently reflected on a presentation I did a number of years back shortly after Xero launched their on-line accounting platform in Australia.

22 Mar 2017

The Power of Anti-Fraud Data Analytics

By using powerful data analytics tools, organisations will be able to prevent fraud and detect it amongst the large amount of data that they hold.

22 Mar 2017

Do you need an Independent Expert's Report?

An Independent Expert's Report (IER) provides impartial advice to shareholders on the fairness and/or reasonableness of a transaction.

22 Mar 2017

Meet Leigh Priestley

We spent five minutes catching up with Leigh Priestley, Operations Manager for PKF Wealth.

22 Mar 2017

Practical Tax Issues in the Development of Property

The tax characterisation of a property development for the landowner is complex and involves considering the intention of the landowner

27 Feb 2017

Are you investing in you?

If you want to be the best, to get the best result, to maximise your potential or go beyond, you have to think and act like the best. That requires investment in you and your business.

23 Feb 2017

Online security - ASIC and ATO Scam Alerts

ASIC have become aware that the email address they use to send business name renewal notices to customers is being used in a scam.

21 Feb 2017

How is your accountant adding value to your business?

Most accountants can knock out a tax return and a set of financial statements that complies with the law and keeps you out of trouble for another year, but what else are you getting?

21 Feb 2017

6 ways to stop meaningless meetings

Are you getting what you want out of your meetings, or do you walk out and bang your head against a wall because they’re just not working how you want them, and you’re not getting the outcomes you are after?

21 Feb 2017

5 steps to start getting you want out of your life

Everyone has goals or at least some sense of what they want to achieve in their life, be it family, financial, or experiential and steps are taken on a daily basis to move towards those outcomes.

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