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21 Apr 2017

The end of the 457 Visa - What now?

On Tuesday, 18 April, Malcolm Turnbull proudly announced to Australia that the Temporary Skilled Visa (subclass 457) would be abolished and replaced with two different visas for skilled foreign workers.

20 Apr 2017

How to prepare a budget

Creating a budget for your business is a vital component of your business plan. Forecasting income and expenses will help business owners align their business plan and strategic objections to financial outcomes.

06 Apr 2017

Company tax rate cuts - A win for small business?

After an extended Parliamentary sitting last week, the Government announced on Friday 27 March that an amended version of the Treasury Laws Amendment (Enterprise Tax Plan) Bill 2016 had successfully passed both Houses.

05 Apr 2017

Structuring a takeover - The control premium conundrum

PKF Corporate Finance is often asked to act as an Independent Expert in relation to takeover transactions, usually relating to publicly listed companies.

30 Mar 2017

The perks of being a great networker

Being a great networker is a key advantage in our business. It is widely acknowledged that the ability to give a good referral and to put yourself in a position to receive quality referrals, is essential to being successful in professional services environments.

30 Mar 2017

Stages of a Financially Planned Life

People often turn to a financial adviser to help them achieve financial success. The challenge for financial advisers is then understanding what financial success means to the client.

30 Mar 2017

Reposition Your Offering via Food and Beverage

There was a time when undertaking food and beverage in a club was very straightforward: a predictable menu served on beige laminex tables, one or two beers on tap, and a couple of wines poured from 20-litre casks. That's changed.

30 Mar 2017

The ATO Bank growing new teeth?

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO), which many businesses have referred to as the “ATO Bank”, has for some time been the source of quick credit.

29 Mar 2017

Completing Vendor Due Diligence Prior to a Sale

Once the decision has been made to sell all or part of your business, there are a number of key decisions to be made. The first will be the appointment of a sale advisor.

24 Mar 2017

How to retire with more wealth in your super fund

With the recent changes to superannuation and contribution limits it is again important to plan for your retirement sooner rather than later.

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