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01 Sep 2017

Purchase price adjustments

The purchase price adjustment can have a material impact on the ultimate transaction consideration, however is a necessary requirement for sale and purchase agreements to protect the interests of both the buyer and seller.

01 Sep 2017

Corporate Trustee vs Individual Trustees

The decision to appoint a corporate trustee at the establishment of your SMSF is important because if you do decide to appoint a new trustee after establishment it can be a complicated and costly exercise to change trustees.

01 Sep 2017

Wage underpayment – No franchise is immune

The Australian Franchising industry employs 460,000 people across 1,160 franchisors. Many of these workers are students and recent arrivals to Australia on visas with little understanding of employment laws or the concept of award wages, leaving them ripe for exploitation by franchisees.

01 Sep 2017

Investigating the Netflix Tax

If a non-resident does not charge GST on supplies to Australian customers they will either need to show that the customer is not an Australian resident or show that the customer is registered for GST.

31 Aug 2017

Securing your Family's Future

The recent news of Hurricane Harvey sweeping through Texas, United States, has been a timely albeit devastating reminder to us here in Australia about the importance of risk mitigation and disaster management.

28 Aug 2017

Plan your business sale and reap the rewards

At this time of year, the full year financial results start to roll in and the magnitude of what people have created with their business becomes evident. After the high fives have finished and the celebrations die down, talk turns to the future and often the question “should I sell?” comes up.

17 Aug 2017

6 simple steps to a better business

How often does the sexy stuff like attracting new customers, corporate image or customer satisfaction take all the airtime when you talk about growing the value and profitability of a business?

17 Aug 2017

What’s missing in your life? Why don’t you have everything you want?

We talk a lot about the importance of goals and how they should be written down, visible, shared with others etc. You know that by doing those things, your chance of attaining those goals increases out of sight but it’s really only part of the picture.

17 Aug 2017

Face your fear – bump up your top line

It’s a question that keeps many business owners awake at night; Why are they failing to receive the full reward for the value that they provide? Why can others charge more than they do and why are others reaping the rewards when their product is the same or even inferior?

17 Aug 2017

Transfer pricing

Driven by budget squeezes, and growing pressure from tax paying Australians, the Australian Tax Office has its cross hairs on international transactions between related entities, and is subsequently obtaining greater scrutiny from the auditor…

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