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26 Oct 2017

ASIC’s latest enforcement report is out – be ready

With a continued major focus on the financial services sector, we recommend that lenders, financial advisers and licensees continue to invest time and resources into ongoing development and improvement of their risk management framework, organisation governance and culture, and compliance systems, processes and procedures.

12 Oct 2017

NSX innovation and access to capital for small to medium size enterprises

Innovation is probably one of the most important forces currently fueling growth of new products, sustaining incumbents, creating new markets and promoting global competitiveness.

12 Oct 2017

Financial models – what are their real value?

Financial models can be used for a range of different purposes and they can vary significantly in complexity.

12 Oct 2017

Deal Flow - October 2017

Australia, a viable candidate for the strongest performing nation in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of M&A activity, accounted for 13% of deal value in H1 2017 up from 6.2% in H1 20161.

21 Sep 2017

Live the life you want today, tomorrow and every other day

If you’re not age 60 yet you may or may not be thinking about your wealth or lack of wealth in super. My question is, if you aren’t thinking about it and have not thought about the lifestyle you wish to fund as you scale back on work, how can you be sure you will be able to afford the life style you want?

01 Sep 2017

PKF Lighthouse – Value-Focused Business Insight

PKF Lighthouse releases its new value-focused Tailored Business Insights offering, adding to the suite of modules available within the Lighthouse portfolio. The new Lighthouse offering is perfect for businesses of any size or industry which are in search of extra value.

01 Sep 2017

Forensic Cost Reviews

Updating systems and procedures can mean new weaknesses (and therefore opportunities for fraud to occur) in a company’s control environment and a wealth of information that is not analysed for productivity opportunities.

01 Sep 2017

The Journey to PKF Sydney

If the day ever comes when I cease to be amazed and humbled at how I ever came to be a partner of an international accounting firm in the middle of one of the world’s greatest cities, that will be the day I retire.

01 Sep 2017

Securing Your Family’s Future

For many of us, providing for our family is a primary motivation that prompts us to make plans and set goals for both our personal and business lives.

01 Sep 2017

Creditor rights under the insolvency law reform act

The insolvency space is currently undergoing serious reform with the introduction of the Insolvency Law Reform Act 2016 (ILRA). The ILRA resulted in amendments to the Corporations Act 2001 and Bankruptcy Act 1966 (the Acts) with changes being introduced throughout the year.

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