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14 Mar 2013

Tax update - GST credits

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) released an interesting GST decision last week, concerning input tax credit entitlements and a group of related companies.

08 Mar 2013

Franchising a stable sector in uncertain economic times

While other sectors are struggling, franchising has proven to be a successful and resilient business model in recent turbulent times. Franchisors that focus on quality service, not just price, and work with the franchise group to develop systems that boost competitiveness are sure to thrive when the economic cycle is difficult.

06 Mar 2013

Tread a fine budget line

Running a successful business is challenging enough in a tough economic environment but without a plan, it's like flying with a blind fold on. Forward planning is critical to both business survival and success.

04 Mar 2013

PPS Register one year on

Happy first birthday to the Personal Properties Securities Register (PPSR) which celebrated its first year of operations on 30 January.

01 Mar 2013

Employee Share Plans

At first glance, and often when they are initially established, employee share schemes do not look particularly appealing. In fact they may look downright ugly!

18 Feb 2013

Consider an exit path before you crash land

Remember how the flight attendant at the beginning of a flight shows you the exit path to use if an emergency occurs? Just as we need to be prepared for the worst as passengers, small business owners also need to know what their "exit paths" are.

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