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Tony Doyle
Chief Operating Officer

Every day is different. I enjoy working closely with our dedicated staff, meeting clients, and building strong connections within our referral network. Tony Doyle
Chief Operating Officer

Professional experience

Tony is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at PKF Sydney and Newcastle, a seasoned professional with a remarkable 21-year tenure within the firm. Tony has dedicated his career to ensuring the seamless functioning of the Firm's day-to-day operations.

As the COO, Tony stands out as a catalyst for fostering collaboration among different business units.

At the heart of Tony's responsibilities is the management of the Firm's extensive referral network. With a keen eye for strategic connections, he orchestrates events and initiatives to ensure that Clients, Partners, and Staff are seamlessly integrated into the right networks. This intricate task requires a delicate balance, and Tony excels in ensuring that the Firm's relationships thrive, ultimately contributing to its sustained growth.

Tony enjoys the diversity of his role, relishing the fact that each day brings a new set of challenges and opportunities. His hands-on approach allows him to work closely with a diverse range of staff within the Firm, establishing meaningful connections and driving collaborative efforts. Tony has the privilege of interacting with clients regularly, allowing him to understand their needs, and ensure the Firm continues to exceed expectations in delivering exceptional services.

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