Professional networks

Empowering finance and legal professionals and our next generation of leaders

Professional networks
empowering finance and legal professionals and our next generation of leaders

PKF in Australia does not take its role as a leader lightly. We use our global network, sophisticated systems, forward-thinking and extensive knowledge to help foster the development of accounting and legal professionals within our communities.

We offer services and support to professionals in the accounting and legal sectors through membership groups that empower you to realise your full potential.

Future Leaders Network
Supporting the next generation of industry leaders

The PKF Future Leaders Network provides an avenue for like-minded individuals to develop, share and grow professional networks and relationships. The goal is that members can continue to benefit from the relationships they make throughout their career.

Our members share valuable information and insights, connect and have the opportunity to develop their interpersonal skills. We host a range of events to provide the opportunity for members to actively network with one another and other professionals and build relationships that can provide significant benefit to their career growth.

The PKF Future Leaders is open to all professionals with at least two years of professional experience across a diverse range of professions, industries and services.


An exclusive network for lawyers, accountants and financiers to collaborate, listen and deliver.

We’re here to help you shine. You can be sure of a commitment to help you service your clients better through collaboration rather than competition.

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Operam is an exclusive network for financiers, lawyers and accountants all striving to achieve the same goal – extraordinary client service. 

Access a community dedicated to collaboration, growth and excellent client service.
The PKF stamp of approval
We’re fussy about who can join Operam as we want to make sure the network is working for each and every member. It’s as much about giving as it is about taking. So, rest assured you’re in good company and will be surrounded by high quality professionals who are determined to succeed.
Conveniently located
PKF has offices nationally across Australia and all around the world. As a part of the Operam network, the expertise of hundreds of specialists is at your fingertips, enabling you to provide a first class service to your clients.
VIP access
With our guarantee of a maximum 48 hour response time for Operam members, you know that you’re part of a network you can trust. We run events to keep your knowledge up-to-the-minute and release articles which will help you learn more.
Accelerate your growth
With the support of PKF and Operam members, we will help to offer a greater level of service to your clients and also share industry and market updates that will help you grow your business.
Leverage off us
As a member of Operam, you’ll have access to our extensive network of mentors, partners and contacts to help grow your firm.