Not For Profit

Corporate Social Responsibility

Making a social impact

Making a social impact
we’re dedicated to improving people’s lives

We care deeply about the communities in which we live and work. As a business and as individuals, we are passionate about solving problems to local issues and collaborating with people, organisations and charities who are making a difference in the regions we operate within.

We demonstrate our corporate social responsibility by committing to behaving ethically in all aspects of our day-to-day business operations. By engaging all stakeholders in our business, we develop strategies that are of high standard, conform with the relevant legislation and are socially responsible. We aim to meet, and where possible, exceed the expectations of commercial and public expectations.

How we’re creating social change
around issues that matter to our communities

Across our network of independent businesses, we contribute time, money and volunteer hours to open the door for communities in need. Our people are given the opportunity to make meaningful contributions that change people’s lives for the better, whether that is through paid volunteer opportunities, community events and days, and giving them the time they need to contribute to boards and committees.

Solving important problems
We donate our time, resources and funds to help solve important community issues and open opportunities to those in need.
Empowering our team to give back
We take tremendous pride in giving back to the community and offer a range of ways for our people to contribute to their local communities.
Reducing our impact on the environment
We look for opportunities to reduce the impact that our business has on our local environments.
Specialist advice for not-for-profits
We help local not-for-profits to make a meaningful impact on their communities through specialised advice and services.