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28 11 2019

Five reasons you should consider Business Process Outsourcing

The Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) industry has grown significantly over the last five years andit is expected to reach $343 billion in global annual revenues by 2025.

20 11 2019

Top 10 tips for travelling abroad

Travelling the world is always an exciting and fun new experience but it can be costly. These top 10 tips will save you money and turn you into a savvy traveller!

19 11 2019

Tax Tips: How should you treat staff Christmas parties in the lead up to the holidays?

If you are providing fringe benefits to your employees and need assistance working out what the FBT implications are or need specific advice for your situation, please contact PKF.

13 11 2019

Tightening The Belt Over Christmas

The festive season is fast approaching which can prove to be an expensive time of year. It is important to keep an eye on your spending to avoid heading into the new year with unnecessary debt or a depleted bank account.

04 11 2019

Land Tax – The Waiting Game

There are significant changes to land tax which were announced in the state budget in June and are proposed to be implemented from 30 June 2020. At this stage, we have no clarity as to if the changes are going to be passed, with both the opposition and some government members opposed to it.

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