De-mystifying technology starts with understanding the business problem. I’m confident that if we can open a conversation with our clients about the things that are preventing them from achieving their long term objectives, we can find a technology solution that will help them overcome those challenges, and that’s really satisfying.

Michael Vamos
General Manager - PKF Digital

Michael Vamos

General Manager - PKF Digital

In a rapidly changing and increasingly complex business environment, Michael has built his career around helping businesses design and execute strategies for sustainable growth by embracing digital transformation.

With 25 years' of senior management experience across a range of industry sectors, Michael has developed exceptional critical thinking skills, working collaboratively with multi-function teams, CEOs and Boards to achieve bold ambitions. Whether ASX-listed, private equity or venture capital backed, the Michael's success is driven by his partnership approach to tackling big business challenges. His authentic, open minded and facilitative approach to understanding the client-view, allows him to unlock creative solutions, strike at new opportunities and deliver sound advice along the client journey.

Michael’s ability to articulate the problem and develop ideas into executable plans creates comfort for the client as well as the team. His thorough planning, considered decision making and strong communication skills are key to producing the best possible outcome for our clients. Michael is a strong believer in trusting the (tried, tested and proven) process and his objective is to help businesses engage enthusiastically with digital transformation, and reach their potential.

Recent examples of work: 
  • Project sponsor Robotic Process Automation (RPA) at Quantaco
  • Project sponsor Automated workflow collaboration at Quantaco
  • PKF Digital leader, exploring a design-thinking approach to partner engagement
Qualifications and memberships: 
  • Bachelor of Business (Finance & Economics)
  • Chartered Accountant (CA ANZ) 
  • MBA (Exec)
  • Post Graduate Diploma of Applied Corporate Governance