I don’t take things personally and believe that with every issue that may be raised, there is an opportunity to improve the business and find a workable solution together. 

Kevin Helmers
Audit and Assurance Principal

Kevin Helmers


Kevin Helmers is an experienced auditor with a focus on using external audit to help his clients improve processes and efficiencies within their business.

Prior to joining PKF and choosing accounting and audit as his field of specialisation, Kevin spent 10 years working as a concreter and a carpenter/detailer where he worked heavily with numbers and built and designed house frames. This experience and understanding has naturally led him to work with the manufacturing industry where he can use his knowledge of working within the industry to partner with the client and act as an extension of their internal team, where he understands the culture, the industry and the right questions to ask.

Although manufacturing is a key industry, Kevin also has keen interest and experience in the following industries: Mining, Education, Technology, Aged Care, Not-for-profits and Distribution.

Kevin understands that while he may enjoy external audit, for clients the process of undergoing a mandatory audit can be seen as inconvenient and/or painful. Kevin uses his team building skills and personable traits to make the process as pain-free as possible for his clients. He believes in talking potential issues through rather than hiding behind email and putting a client at ease as every stage of the process.

Recent examples of work include:
  • Currently manage the audit of one of the largest manufacturers in Australia which includes over 15 entities;
  • Completed first year audits of a technology company and help them in becoming compliant with the Australian Stock Exchange before listing;
  • Currently manage several large clients with a global presence which involves managing component auditors within our network or being the component auditor for the Australian subsidiary.
Qualifications and memberships:
  • Bachelor of Commerce – University of Newcastle
  • Member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ)