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Jeremy Pooley

Jeremy Pooley


Professional Experience

Jeremy is a part of our Tax Advisory team and is based in Sydney.

Jeremy has extensive experience in developing and implementing innovation strategies and processes in large corporations, working with SME’s as a consultant and as a start-up business owner.

Jeremy’s experience includes eight years as an executive at AMP within the company’s wealth management distribution business. In this role he worked on corporate strategy and innovation processes, customer strategy and segmentation, and business strategy and performance analysis.

He spent five years as an owner and Director of a successful financial services start-up business.

As well as this, he spent a further 12 years in senior roles and as a financial services and indirect tax and government incentives Partner at PwC. In this role, Jeremy consulted to a variety of businesses, professional associations and consumer groups.

Jeremy also has expertise in competitive analysis, understanding the business value chain, the performance drivers of revenue, and cost. He has been trained in facilitating strategy, innovation and LEAN processes. He is passionate about innovation, assisting entrepreneurs and small business.

Jeremy holds a Master of Laws and Economics qualifications and a Diploma of Financial Planning.

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