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Transfer Pricing

Transfer Pricing

With the increasing trend of doing business globally, and the spectacular growth in the digital economy, cross border trade and investment activities are attracting growing attention from Revenue Authorities.

The increased level of scrutiny and information sharing means companies must 'get transfer pricing right' or potentially face costly consequences. In light of the OECD's Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) plan, significantly increased transfer pricing documentation requirements and country-by-country reporting, Revenue Authorities are becoming even more aggressive in penalising non-compliant transfer pricing arrangements.

How can we help?

PKF is a global transfer pricing service provider. Through our network of member firms, we provide global coverage and a complete range of transfer pricing services to fully meet your requirements. Our services include:

  • Development and execution of strategic transfer pricing approach
  • Operationalising your transfer pricing strategy
  • Independent transfer pricing reviews
  • Preparation of transfer pricing documentation and reporting
  • Responses to transfer pricing questions from Revenue Authorities
  • Interim Reviews and Risk Assessments
  • Representation and dispute resolution
  • Advance Pricing Agreements

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