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Taxation Structuring

Taxation Structuring

Deciding on a legal structure for your business is an important decision with potentially complex tax implications. You may choose to do business through a company, a trust, in a partnership or as a sole trader. PKF Tax can advise on the advantages and disadvantages of each structure.

While taxation is only one element of the equation when making a choice, our team helps you understand the taxation consequences of a particular business structure while also dealing with commercial and personal considerations. Time spent choosing the right structure is a wise investment for the years ahead.

Our expertise extends across the full range of business needs:

  • helping you choose the right structure
  • restructuring your business
  • advising on international business structures
  • protecting your business assets
  • reporting and compliance obligations from ATO,ASIC and other regulatory bodies
  • analysing your business operating costs
  • financing options for projects and expansions, with consideration of tax implications.

PKF Tax advisors take time to understand a business’s needs. We will help you make the best decision from the outset.

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