Risk Ahead

Integrity Risk Advisory

Managing risk and compliance through good governance

Mitigate risks and minimise incidents

The breadth of integrity risks faced by organisations seems to grow daily. The cost of mitigating these risks is often far less than the effort to remediate incidents when they do occur.

Through our investigation work, we understand how integrity risks manifest themselves in organisations and the drivers of the misconduct.

These insights enable us to provide proactive risk mitigation strategies and assist in the implementation of good governance practices to mitigate these risks. To do so, we undertake risk assessments, risk vulnerability workshops, framework reviews and gap analyses for risks such as:

  • Fraud and corruption
  • Workplace misconduct management
  • Procurement and supply chain
  • Anti-money laundering (AML)/Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) reviews
  • Organisational ethical culture risks such as but not limited to bullying and sexual harassment.
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Assessing your risk exposure

We provide a pragmatic methodology and approach to addressing your organisation’s integrity risk issues.

The first step to effectively managing any integrity risk is to adopt a risk-based approach, i.e., one that considers the context of your operations and implements pragmatic measures to control the risk but also do not impinge operational efficiency. By adopting this approach, we can help you understand what risks are most relevant to your organisation. Within these identified relevant risks, we can then determine whether adequate mitigating actions are in place or need to be implemented.

One of the ways we do this is by conducting risk vulnerability workshops. Through these tailored workshops we provide attendees with a relevant, interactive learning experience whilst tapping into their understanding of the organisation’s risks and their potential impact.  This active participation in the risk management process makes these workshops extremely popular. We provide clear, succinct reporting on identified risks and user-friendly road maps to mitigate them. 

Whatever the risk area, we can provide the right advice and support

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