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Business valuations

A rigorous approach that doesn't cut corners

Valuations that stand up to scrutiny by all stakeholders

Experienced, unbiased and independent valuation experts that provide you with maximum confidence  

Whether you are selling, buying or restructuring a business, or making choices around investment, it’s vital you don’t leave decisions to guesswork.

Regardless of plans for your business, a clear valuation of your company, any deals, financial arrangements, or intellectual property assignments is critical. Valuations must be technically robust and supported by detailed analysis.

You can rely on PKF’s rigorous approach by an experienced team who will not cut corners when you are:

  • Selling, buying or restructuring a business
  • Making strategic decisions
  • Assessing projects or making capital allocation decisions
  • Raising capital
  • Complying with financial reporting or tax obligations, or
  • Attempting to resolve a dispute
  • Acquiring or transferring intellectual property.

We provide valuations to a broad range of clients including ASX 100 companies, large Australian and multinational organisations and private equity-backed businesses.

A business valuation can help your business planning and development process, which can in turn increase the value of your business.

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Empowering you
to make informed decisions

Our independent valuation advice, honed from years of experience across a range of industries, empowers you to make commercial decisions with the right information at your fingertips.

Our valuations include:

  • Business valuations
  • Independent expert reports
  • Intellectual property / intangible asset valuations
  • Valuation of complex financial assets and liabilities such as options, share rights, convertible notes and other derivatives.
Empower your business with our independent valuation advice

Expert witness services

Experienced independent valuers when you need it most

PKF's valuation experts have significant experience in providing valuation opinions and services with respect to legal disputes and other court related matters, including:

  • shareholder disputes
  • loss of business claims
  • mergers and acquisitions deal disputes.


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Our business valuation services
providing you with expert information when you need it

PKF provides management, boards and shareholders with sound valuation advice that is straightforward, clearly documented, and demonstrates a strong technical basis for the valuation supported by considered and detailed expert analysis.

We communicate clearly so you can make commercial decisions with confidence on:

  • Mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, divestments, project finance and strategy
  • Financial reporting requirements for business combination accounting, impairment testing, convertible notes, derivatives and share based payments
  • Tax compliance and consolidation
  • Employee incentive arrangements
  • Shareholder and commercial disputes.
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Independent expert reports

PKF has a strong track record in providing independent expert reports required for a broad range of transactions under Corporations Act and Listing Rules for mid-market companies.

We adopt a rigorous approach, combining a technically robust basis for valuations with detailed analysis, enabling you to make decisions with confidence.

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Intellectual property valuations

The valuation of intellectual property is technically complex and requires careful consideration of a range of factors.

We distil this analysis in a clear and concise manner for all your intellectual property assets, including your brand, customer and supplier lists, software, technology, royalties and patents.

We also provide you with strategic advice on how to create, protect and maximise that value for the future.

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