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Business Restructuring and Turnaround

Positioning your business to weather a financial storm

When there's trouble ahead

Create options that can change the outcome 

The right support can make all the difference to create tailored contingency plans that will help you through turbulent times.

PKF's restructuring and turnaround specialists take a hands-on approach to the financial challenges facing distressed businesses. We’ll work with you to diagnose root causes and implement bespoke, sustainable solutions that preserve and enhance value.

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Rapid response aids turnaround

Give your business the best chance of recovery

A swift response to business distress greatly improves the chances of a successful turnaround. It creates the potential to isolate the problem and maximise the options available.

Rapid action is also consistent with the demands of today’s corporate regulators, financiers and shareholder groups.

PKF's independent advice honed from our many years of global experience across a range of industries, helps us provide commercial decisions about turning around your business with confidence.

Consider all options

expert advice will guide the decision-making process

Our experts can quickly identify the root causes of business decline and work closely with you to take remedial action. Areas of assistance include:

  • Rapid review of your business’ current situation, including solvency, cost and pricing structures and competitive strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identification of remedial options. All options will be considered, allowing you and/or your board to make informed decisions.
  • Assistance with implementation of the chosen strategy.
  • Establishment of reporting processes focusing on frequency and detail, allowing close monitoring of performance during the turnaround period.
  • Independent advice on any aspect of the business during what is a challenging period.
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