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Reporting Structures

Reporting Structures

PKF Australia will help you scope, shape and maintain the reporting structure appropriate for your business’s size, objectives and future direction.

Key benefits include:

1. Structured approach to strategy, financial management and risk
2. Timely and relevant reporting to the advisory board
3. Different insights and perspectives on issues facing the company
4. Interaction of people with diverse skill sets in one forum
5. Appropriate internal controls, delegation of authority and risk management
6. Enhanced reach through broader networks
7. Increased readiness for succession including trade sale, IPO or management buy out
8. Improved performance through tiered reporting through management.

As our clients’ businesses grow, the role of the owner often changes, or a broader mix of skills is needed to participate in discussions around strategy and governance.

PKF Australia advisers and partners regularly participate on our clients’ boards as non-executive members or as members of a client advisory board.

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