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IT driving business performance

Designing innovative systems to deliver efficiencies for business

Developing intelligent technology systems
that provide the blueprint to smart business

With research showing around 75 per cent of all Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects failing to meet their objectives, it is vital to integrate proven information technology systems into business.

ERP projects allow an organisation to use a system of integrated IT applications to manage the business and automate many back-office functions related to technology, services and human resources. Without the right system, your business will struggle with efficiency and productivity.

PKF’s team of technical and industry IT consulting specialists are leaders in helping you avoid common ERP project pitfalls. These could include change management issues, lack of technical expertise, miscommunication, misaligned objectives or incorrectly allocated resources.

Tailored IT solutions
to help your business grow

Our client-first mindset means we take the time to understand your business requirements, current processes and desired outcomes. Getting to the heart of your business allows us to deliver innovative IT solutions that will put you on the path towards achieving your goals. 

PKF’s extensive experience is backed by global tools and methodologies that deliver strategic planning, thoughtful risk assessments and careful stakeholder engagement. We take a step-by-step implementation approach to ensure your success. 

Our recommended five stage approach is outlined in the graphic below:

The PKF IT Consulting process
creating bespoke IT systems and implementing them for success

An effective, integrated technology system begins with the proven entrepreneurial and global perspective of the PKF network. We transform local ambition into global opportunity and global experience into local growth. It’s about bringing the best in the world to family businesses everywhere.

Our team provides a range of IT solutions, including:

If your business would benefit from a global perspective to integrated ERP projects and innovative IT systems, call us today
IT strategic development and implementation
We help you understand the strategic position of your business and identify major issues and opportunities for IT improvement. We work with you to establish a strategic direction for continuous development and improvement of your IT infrastructure, so you can drive your business performance.
Systems technology diagnostics
Our systems review highlights and explains opportunities for your business, for process improvement. We conduct due diligence on your security, file maintenance, data input and output controls, installations, upgrading procedures and reporting requirements. It allows us to identify areas for process improvement so you can optimise the efficiency of your business.
IT risk assessment and insurance
We undertake risk reviews of your controls, security and management of IT systems and infrastructure to devise an action plan that protects your corporate assets for the long term.
Business continuity and disaster recovery plan
We help you to develop, establish and implement a clear and robust strategy for dealing with unplanned outages, emergencies and disaster recovery, so you can rest easy.
Project management
Our experienced technical experts help you to scope, evaluate, plan and implement new IT initiatives so you meet your broader business objectives.