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Innovation and Research & Development

The Commonwealth and State Governments offer well over $2 billion in assistance for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) every year.

This includes the Commonwealth flagship R&D tax incentive, Commonwealth innovation grants, State innovation and technology grants, Commonwealth Sector specific grants (for example, medical research and manufacturing), and Export Market Development Grants and associated support.

In addition, The Commonwealth funds and promotes public-private industry collaboration through Cooperative Research Centres, the CSIRO, Universities and other industry specific R&D research centres.

Understanding which programs to access to help fund your business innovations and development activity takes time, resources and experience.

PKF Australia’s Innovation and R&D team has expertise across the full range of tax and grant support governments offer.

We can take the hassle and time out of the process so that you can focus on your business and we can focus on optimising government support to help you fund new developments.

We offer advice in relation to:

  • Innovation planning;
  • R&D structuring advice;
  • IP commercialisation;
  • R&D tax concession (including preparation and lodgement of claims);
  • R&D grants (including preparation and lodgement of applications); and
  • Export Market Development Grants.

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