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Risk Management

Risk Management

PKF Australia understands that exposure to major risk can limit the achievement of your strategic and operational goals.

Business improvements require risk management integrated across your organisation’s management, processes and technology. Our qualified and experienced team leads risk management projects across all aspects of an enterprise, from risk assessment to full software implementation.

Directors alone cannot establish and maintain effective risk management practices. By involving all levels of your team, accountability and responsibility for managing business risk is shared, thorough and pragmatic.

Our approach to strategic risk management across your organisation supports compliance (e.g. ASIC, APRA, ISO Standards, Sarbanes-Oxley) as well as uncovering new risks as they emerge. Early identification matters.

A tool that we use in certain risk management projects is data analytics. Combining information management, business and accounting skills, our Data Analytics team can interrogate the numbers that are important to a business, and extract, analyse and report on data inputs from a risk management perspective.

Our services include:

  • developing and implementing a tailored risk strategy
  • evaluating and implementing solutions
  • fraud investigations
  • data analytics

Outcomes for your business

  • As soon as your framework is operating effectively your business can focus time and energy on improvements and wealth creation
  • PKF approaches each risk management engagement as a means to gather insight into where you have been, where you stand today and, most significantly, where you want to be.

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