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Forensic and Risk Services

Forensic and Risk Services

Helping your organisation make informed decisions and manage your risk environment.

Our experienced Forensic and Risk Services Team offer a range of solutions to both public and private sector organisations for meeting their governance, risk and compliance needs across the following areas:

Risk Advisory
PKF’s suite of solutions are designed to allow you to gain an understanding of your organisation’s risk environment, particularly those that are posed by fraud and corruption, and implement programs designed to mitigate those risks in a cost-effective manner.

Investigations and Forensics
When fraudulent, corrupt or unethical behaviour impacts your business, our Investigations and Forensics specialists will conduct a professional investigation that can limit the damage caused by an incident, and provide fast and effective solutions.

Whistleblower Hotline
PKF provides private and public sector organisations with Whistleblower Hotlines that support best practice in fraud prevention and also meets the organisation’s regulatory requirements.

Business Intelligence
Our Business Intelligence offering has been designed to provide you with the necessary information to minimise the risks associated with a variety of commercial transactions and provide you with a level of confidence as you embark on a significant business decision.

Training & E-Learning
PKF offers a variety of cost effective training, with interactive and engaging courses across a variety of compliance and risk areas.

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