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Agreed Upon Procedures and Compliance Audit

PKF’s proactive approach to keeping pace with regulatory change

Navigate your compliance requirements
with confidence

Do you commit time and resources to keep pace with the rapidly changing and complex compliance and regulatory environment? Greater scrutiny from regulators and the media is creating significant brand and reputational issues for organisations who don’t.
PKF’s audit and assurance team of technical and industry specialists help you navigate this constantly changing landscape. We provide independent verification and review of financials and other information you may need to report to regulators with confidence.
We take a proactive approach to advising you early against your susceptibility to risk of a breach. Our health checks ensure you can mitigate against the risk of potential non-compliance and breaches before compulsory reporting is a requirement.

Plot where you want to go, and we can help you get there.

We will build with you a framework of assurance
to manage the risk of non-compliance and detect breaches early

Our audit and assurance team are backed by global resources and offer local experts who understand the environment you operate in. We provide an innovative and proactive approach to monitoring your risk of breaching your regulatory requirements. 

We conduct regular health checks that ensure you know how to mitigate against the risk of potential non-compliance and breaches well before compulsory reporting is required.

Our team has extensive experience in providing assurance services over various compliance and regulatory frameworks including:

Avoid risk by seeking early guidance from a PKF expert.

Expert guidance
to help you manage the complicated world of compliance

Our independent audits and reviews provide confidence to your stakeholders, strengthen systems and processes and protect the reputation of organisations. Our collaborative approach also ensures the process is efficient, seamless and adds value to your business.  

We work with our clients to deliver non-statutory, specific purpose services that focus on the results arising from the performance of specified procedures, including: 

  • Performance of agreed-upon procedures
  • Provision of comfort letters

Our dynamic and agile team apply their extensive technical and accounting knowledge, and considerable audit experience, to understand your business and develop solutions to suit your specific needs.

Contact us to ensure your business is protected well before regulators become involved.

Safeguard your business with a few easy steps.