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09 12 2020

PKF Pulse – Summer 2020

Well what a year 2020 has been, one that none of us will forget. I am sure we will all look back on this period and take from it learnings about business and life as we were accustomed to but equally the positive lessons in life that it has delivered. As I recently read “2020 is not the year to get everything you want but the year to appreciate everything you have”. With Christmas less than a month away not a bad thought to reflect on for us all.

21 10 2020

Clarity - A quarterly accounting & audit publication

In this edition, our expert accountants and auditors discuss: Is your AML/CTF program effectively managing risk? Uncertainty on uncertainty for NFPs Casual employees and leave: To disclose or not to disclose? New privacy laws in New Zealand could affect Australia business Governance and sense – for Directors

16 09 2020

PKF Pulse Spring 2020

Welcome to the Spring edition of PKF’s Pulse. The pandemic continues to bring concern and uncertainty, but, this offers the opportunity to pivot and challenge the norms. This edition of Pulse focuses on exactly that, the positivity that can come from an event like this pandemic, that no one saw coming.

04 08 2020

Clarity Winter Edition 2020

A quarterly publication on accounting & auditing matters.

05 05 2020

Clarity COVID-19 Autumn Special Edition 2020

A quarterly publication on accounting & auditing matters.

16 03 2020

PKF Pulse Autumn 2020

Whilst the world is responding to COVID-19, PKF Sydney, Newcastle & Central Coast is taking proper precautions to ensure the health and wellbeing of its team, clients and their families. We also continue to be here for our clients. Our regular Pulse newsletter has been prepared and provides a welcome escape from COVID-19 providing you with key business insights, tips and value direct from our team of specialist advisers. In this edition, we give you an insight into each of our new Partners and what has led to their success. Also, our specialist advisers discuss a range of issues and thought leadership for business, with everything from the royal debacle and what financial independence really means for everyday people, to integrity in the boardroom. If you’re self-isolating and need a distraction, use your time wisely and get ahead of the game by reading Pulse.

06 02 2020

Clarity Summer Edition 2019-20

A quarterly publication on accounting & auditing matters.

20 12 2019

PKF Pulse Summer 2019

This edition we outline a range of issues and thought leadership for business such as wage underpayment in Australia, using technology to improve your business to transforming your financial future and the scam duping businesses across the world.

29 10 2019

Clarity Spring Edition 2019

A quarterly publication on accounting & auditing matters.

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