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PKF Adelaide Upcoming Seminars:

Join PKF Adelaide for Interactive Seminars, led by Partners. Hosted in PKF Adelaide Boardroom, Level 9 81 Flinders Street Adelaide, the seminars will begin at 6.00PM and run for an hour on their respective dates.

To subscribe to the series or to register your interest on a specific seminar email [email protected] or call Caroline on 08 8373 5588.

Light refreshments will be served and seating will be limited - registration is essential.

PKF Adelaide Superannuation Seminar Series 2017

Join us for invigoration discussions and interactive Superannuation Seminars, led by Partner, Kathy Mazzachi and Manager, Elijah Fieg. PKF Wealth Adelaide specialists will explore the changes in Superannuation, issues that you may face, tips and traps and useful strategies in targeted discussions about your wealth.

Tuesday 4 April


Complex Strategies Q&A

Tuesday 9 May


What can I do with my Super? Investments Do’s and Don’ts

Tuesday 6 June


Superannuation and Ageing

Tuesday 4 July


Superannuation and Property

Tuesday 8 August


Superannuation and the Disengaged Member

Tuesday 5 September


The role of Super in your wealth accumulation strategy

Tuesday 10 October


Why should I take Super seriously?

Tuesday 7 November


Superannuation and Death


PKF Adelaide Property Seminar Series 2017

Whether you are a developer, a real estate agent, or are looking for assistance with a large property syndication or a small rental property, PKF Adelaide can help you. Join us for interactive investment property discussions, led by Managing Partner, Dom Cosentino and Manager, Nick Lam. PKF Adelaide specialists will review taxation and proper structures set up for investment properties.

Wednesday 20 September


Investment Properties and Tax Savings

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