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27 Oct 2014

Clear strategy key to business success

Having a clear strategy and direction is incredibly important to ensure success in business.

23 Oct 2014

How does your Cashflow Forecast look?

Many businesses are continuing to experience tough economic times, and as a result it’s taking longer and longer for businesses to get paid – especially those operating in challenging industries such as mining and mining services, manufacturing and retail.

21 Oct 2014

Government announces changes impacting Employee Share Schemes

The Government recently released The Industry Innovation and Competitiveness Agenda; a high level directional statement of the Government’s approach to Industry and Innovation policy, as well as details of 17 specific announcements worth $400 million.

14 Oct 2014

Act now to claim your Export Market Development Grant

Can your business claim an Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) for the last financial year? If so, you must lodge your claim by 1 December 2014.

13 Oct 2014

Think Smarter: How is your accountant adding value to your business?

Apart from providing you with financial information and business advice, how else does your accountant add value to your business? They should be helping you to build your business’s profile.

29 Sep 2014

Is your pharmacy prepared for Simplified Price Disclosure?

This Wednesday, October 1 sees the first price reduction under the Government’s Simplified Price Disclosure.

25 Sep 2014

Think Smarter: Can you purchase property with your SMSF?

Did you know that you could be able to buy commercial property in your self-managed superannuation fund? You might even be able to borrow to do it, and it can be possible to buy the property from yourself.

18 Sep 2014

Think Smarter: How are you capitalising on good business news?

So, you have some great business news; what are you doing to capitalise on it?

16 Sep 2014

Structuring is easy

At a very recent meeting, an advisor boasted “I can set up a structure for this business in a couple of minutes!” This was surprising given the complex ownership arrangement and the amount of experience the advisor possessed.

11 Sep 2014

Think Smarter: How do your financials look to the bank?

Does your banker think you’re a good investment? Banks usually want to see two things: strength in your business' balance sheet, and year on year profit growth.

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