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05 07 2019

If You Owned A Money Printing Machine, Would You Insure It?

For most, this money printing machine just sits there at home, unprotected and uninsured…You guessed it – this machine is YOU… What would you do if you could no longer meet those large mortgage repayments?

05 07 2019

New Legislation Reinforces Need For Directors To Get The Right Advice

Though most Directors would not knowingly participate in illegal phoenixing, moving assets to protect a Director’s personal financial wealth when a business is facing liquidation, could be viewed as phoenixing and both the Director and their adviser may now be held liable.

05 07 2019

Royal Commission Into Misconduct In The Banking, Superannuation And Financial Services Industry

SME businesses without collateral to offer as security are likely to find it increasingly difficult to source financing at affordable rates.

05 07 2019

Why People Choose To Have A Self-Managed Super Fund

There are around 600,000 SMSFs in Australia today with over 1.1 million Australians who are members of their own SMSF.

05 07 2019

Job Sharing And Part-Time – What's The Difference?

When utilised effectively, a policy of flexible working arrangements can help ensure employing companies have access to a broad and diverse talent pool to select their team from, the company can provide innovative solutions to their clients and they will generally have a more motivated workforce.

05 07 2019

ATO Releases Practical Compliance Guideline 2018/19 On Tax Residency Of Foreign Companies

Foreign incorporated companies that are controlled by Australian groups should assess their Australian residency status to identify any risks and remedial action that may be required, especially where there are potential decision-making influencers in Australia.

28 06 2019

Tax Benefit From Super Contributions

We have detailed the tax savings that could be achieved by making an additional $1,000 in deductible superannuation contributions prior to 30 June 2019.

24 06 2019

Three mistakes to avoid this financial year – Payroll and workplace compliance

As the financial year draws to an end, business owners will be busy finalising their tax requirements, be it employee pays, financial statements, BAS. In the midst of all this, business owners need to be aware of the changes to minimum wage rates; something that often gets left off the to-do list.

24 06 2019

Driving business performance – Financial and non-financial indicators

Understanding the impact of the leading financial and non-financial indicators that drive your business isn’t something that is always clear from the outset. This is intellectual property that is generally built up over years of experience through a process of trial and error. Yet it is critical information that impacts the ability of a business owner to ultimately receive a return for the fruits of their hard work and energy, so isn’t it imperative that it is clearly understood from the earliest stage of a business’s life cycle?

06 05 2019

Quarterly Insights: Australian Food Manufacturing & Distribution March 2019

PKF Melbourne Corporate Finance is pleased to present the Food Manufacturing & Distribution Insights for the March 2019 quarter, including a review of key mergers and acquisitions activity in the industry.

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