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Financial Assistance For Bush Fire Victims

Financial Assistance For Bush Fire Victims

As we see much of the country devastated by the 2019/2020 bush fires, we explore the various avenues of financial support for those affected.

Australia has a strong system already in place to aid recovery from natural disasters and there are solid policies to support individuals, businesses and communities. The ATO along with various government organisations are dedicated to helping Australians get back on their feet.

Below are just some of the grants and financial assistance provided.

If you require any further guidance or assistance, please contact a PKF professional in your local office.

  • Tax Implications: Identified impacted postcodes will be granted deferrals for activity statement lodgments and payments due. For monthly BAS due 21 January 2020 and 21 February 2020, the new deferred date is 21 March 2020. You don’t need to apply for these deferrals.
    If you have been impacted but your postcode isn’t identified, you can phone 1800 806 218 or have us contact the ATO on your behalf. The ATO can also help you reconstruct tax records that are lost or damaged.
  • Financial Assistance: You may be able to receive financial assistance from the South Australian Bushfire Appeal.
  • Disaster Recovery Payment: A one-off payment for those significantly affected by a declared disaster.
  • Disaster Recovery Allowance: An ongoing, short-term payment to assist those whose income has been affected.
  • Personal Hardship Emergency Grants: Up to $700 per family for essential items such as food, toiletries, clothing and medication.
  • Recovery Grants for Small Business: Up to $10,000 for eligible small business for costs associated with clean-up, restoration and rebuilding.
  • Recovery Grants for Primary Producers: $15,000 for eligible primary producers affected.
  • Red Cross Emergency Grants: $2,000 for those whose primary place of residence (owner/occupied or rented) has been destroyed, or made uninhabitable or unfit to live in, as a result of a bushfire.


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