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NSX - An Alternative Worth Considering

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NSX - An Alternative Worth Considering

The National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX) is the second largest listing exchange in Australia. 

As of November 2017, the NSX had 75 securities trading and a total market cap of $4.5 billion, with an average raising size of $8.3 million.

In our 18th Edition of our Focus newsletter, we featured an update about the NSX from Andrew Musgrave, NSX’s Head of Business Development.  Key highlights included:

  • Over the past 12 months, the NSX has undertaken a restructure and has a newly appointed executive team with experience from the ASX, NASDAQ and ASIC.
  • As part of the NSX’s devotion to innovation they have invested with IRESS Australia – creating a single point of market access and uniform process for traded stocks across the NSX and ASX.
  • They know how hard access to capital for small to medium size enterprises (SME) can be and are focussed on expanding their services to cater for private companies.
  • The NSX is creating a better experience for companies and investors through their level of commitment to service and support.

Why could the NSX be an option for your company?

  • Uncomplicated Rules: The NSX’s rules are more concise, less complex and in-turn reduces the work required during an IPO process.
  • Path to Capital: To either fund growth, capital expenditure or pay off existing debt, the NSX provides access to capital via IPO or further capital raising.
  • Liquidity: Access to the largest pool of investable funds in the Asia Pacific Region.
  • Consultative Approach: NSX works closely with the customer, assisting with every aspect of a listing and ensuring its efficiency.
  • Spotlight: A listing generates publicity and can create more demand for the company’s shares and improve its liquidity.
  • Value: Going public unlocks shareholder value, and can create a significant return on investment for its shareholders.

If your business is looking for a flexible range of listing and trading solutions offered at a reasonable price, the NSX could be the solution for you.

Please contact Andrew Jones to discuss your requirements (02) 8346 6000.


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