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Take charge of your financial future

Posted 10 Feb 16 by David Henriksen

Retire comfortably

Did you know that a Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) gives you access to more investment options than a retail or industry super fund?

An SMSF allows you to invest directly in property, Australian shares, hybrid securities, initial public offerings, managed funds, direct international shares, some private companies and some private fixed unit trusts.

An SMSF’s increased investment options, tailored strategies and ongoing advice from professional advisers usually better directs your wealth towards achieving your retirement goals.

Ensure your loved ones are financially protected

While most people are diligent about insuring their houses and cars, a lot of people fail to adequately insure their most valuable asset – their life and their ability to earn an income.

If anything were to happen to you, the last thing you want to be worrying about is a rejected claim on a total and permanent disability (TPD) policy in your industry or retail superannuation fund. Policies in these types of funds are generally written so that payments are only made when you are bed ridden and unable to carry out any form of occupation.

An SMSF will allow you to tailor your cover so that your family is protected in the event you have a TPD claim or upon your death.

Concerned about the financial future of you and your loved ones? Contact our team of superannuation specialists today!

Do you know what is happening with your retirement savings?

A lot of people don’t pay much attention to their superannuation statements each year and most haven’t truly considered what they will need to be able to maintain their desired lifestyle once they have retired.

With an SMSF you are responsible for the operation of the fund and ensuring annual accounts are prepared. This process forces you to monitor your superannuation and in a lot of cases encourages you to engage a professional adviser to help you make decisions that support the strategic direction of your SMSF.

An expert to help you identify your goals and hold you accountable

Most people have a general idea of what they want to achieve in life, whether that be lifestyle or financial goals.

Working with a professional adviser to continually review and refine your goals and track how you are progressing towards achieving them is a key aspect of a successful SMSF strategy. It will ensure you are held accountable and can measure your actions by how effectively they are contributing towards achieving your specific outcomes.

As an example, you may want to own your home outright by age 50. Instead, you could define this more accurately by aiming to own your own $1 million dollar home on a half-acre block in a specific suburb with a swimming pool and four bedrooms. This is a very different goal to wanting to own a $300,000 studio apartment in the CBD and will likely require a very different SMSF strategy to make it achievable.

Your Future of Choice

At PKF we put the ultimate stakeholder at the centre of all we do and work with you to achieve your future of choice, whatever that may be.

Essentially to achieve your future of choice, a whole of needs approach is taken. Each key area will have a different level of focus depending on the stage of life a family and business is at. No matter where the focus or activity is applied we are always linking things back to the goals you have said you want to achieve. You work hard and our aim is to ensure that you achieve your future of choice in the timeframes and manner you desire through proactive advice and guidance.

To assist with communication, safeguarding key documentation and sharing of information we utilise a cloud based technology platform that also pulls live data feeds from market leading data points for property, share markets, investment portfolios, motor vehicles and facility information from a wide variety of banks. This ensures the information supporting and building your future of choice is secure but also up to date and accessible from almost anywhere you have an internet connection.


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