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So what do you do...

Posted 22 Aug 16 by Andrew Beattie

A simple question, a great opportunity to generate business and contacts yet more often than not we blow it.

Think about the last time you were asked this question whether at a social gathering, a networking event, kids sport, anywhere. Now be honest, what did you say or how did you answer?

You see most of us answer with our title or qualification and stop at that. How boring. Yet that is not what most people do everyday, they do so much more but don’t sell themselves or their business in the right way. If you don’t give your audience context or a reason to be interested they will associate your answer with their experience. To demonstrate I will use me.

Now if I answered this question the way most people do I would say ‘I am an accountant’ or ‘I own an accountancy business’. Can you imagine the response? Can you see the people looking for an escape? Reality is accounting is a very small part of what I do each day. Most days I am involved in strategic planning, budgets, mergers and acquisitions, goal setting, debt structuring, succession planning, people development, mentoring, CFO duties and he list goes on. This is much more than what most people would associate with an accountant but if I don’t give them the context then how are they to know? How are they to differentiate me from the next ‘accountant’?

A better answer to the question would be ‘I help business owners create time and money’ or ‘I help people articulate the goals they are trying to achieve and then work with them to get them there’. Sounds a lot more interesting doesn’t it. Do you think I would get a follow up question or a discussion would be started? I know I would.

Now when I say make it interesting we are not talking pick up lines or cheesy lines more like a joke and you have to absolutely be comfortable delivering it to any audience. You may have many examples or your one example may evolve but the most important thing is that your answer to the common question needs to adequately explain what it is you do not what you are.

Now think about what you say then think about what you actually do day in day out or what your business does; do they correlate? Probably not. Good news is you can change it quite easily and give yourself a much better chance at those business opportunities that spontaneously present themselves.

So what do you do?

Originally posted on andrewbeattie.com.au


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