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Key Outcomes from Corporate Finance Asia Pacific Working Group

Key Outcomes from Corporate Finance Asia Pacific Working Group

Posted 29 Sep 16 by Steve Perri

Last week I attended the PKF Asia Pacific conference.  I also participated in the Asia Pacific corporate finance working committee strategy day.

It was a great opportunity to make connections with my counterparts within the network from the Asia Pacific region. There is nothing better to facilitate cross border activity or transactions than having a strong working relationship with advisors within our network who represent acquisitive clients in similar sectors as that of our local clients.  I am looking forward to building on these relationships within the PKF network with a view to providing better exit opportunities for our local based clients.

The key outcomes from the conference for corporate finance are summarised as follows:

  • Implementation / use of technology platform to share investment and business sale opportunities.
  • Valuation support – implementation of a training framework with a focus to assist and support other service lines such as Audit e.g. impairment testing and PPA (Purchase Price Allocation) valuations.
  • Building credentials and capability statements within sectors PKF possesses key expertise: Health and Technology.
  • Focusing on the use of Big Data to drive business performance and / or valuation.

Our network is strong, collaborative and focused on providing excellent results for our clients.  My attendance at the conference confirmed the fact that providing excellent results for our clients is a value that we share throughout the network and the respective member firms which comprise it.

The PKF brand represents a leading professional services firm particularly in the SME market where we have a significant point of differentiation in supporting our clients through their most significant transaction - the sale of their business.  Having the experience of advising clients in the middle market throughout their business life makes us the best placed advisors to assist in an exit.

If you would like to explore exit opportunities or any expansion opportunities within the local or Asia Pacific region please feel free to contact the PKF Corporate Finance team in Melbourne or click here.


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