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Driving integration of information

Driving integration of information

Posted 27 May 16 by Sean Dillon

Technology has changed the way we think about integration and what we expect with regard to how integration can create and drive efficiencies across our business.

Integration however is not a new phenomenon.  It's a millennial catchphrase for internal communication and coordination.  Before the technological advances integration was achieved if departments within an organisation were communicating efficiently and effectively.

Like all other areas of business, technology hasn't created integration it just provided tools which have made it easier to implement.  So simply throwing a new piece of software into the business and expecting it will mean the business is now 'integrated' is naïve. Unless the fundamentals and structure are established, documented and driven by the Management team the software will most likely remain as usefulness as the proverbial canoe without a paddle. 

Before acquiring any new software it is recommended that some form of internal audit of the organisations current operating structure and lines of communication be done.  Within that structure the audit needs to assess how effective those lines of communication are.  Initially, it is where there are gaps or inefficiencies that an organisation would then assess whether a piece of technology or software can be implemented to fill the gap or improve the efficiency.  Then it becomes a process of critically examining the structures which have efficient and effective lines of communication and determining whether there is a better way.  Again this might involve some sort of technology or software.  

At each stage of the process care needs to be taken to plan for the introduction of any new technologies.  Due diligence is critical.  From which a technology implementation plan can be formulated.  Otherwise an organisation runs the risk of disenfranchising staff.  At the end of the day it is your people who are going to be the determining factor in whether a piece of software will used to its full capacity.


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