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Consider your security when buying or selling online

Consider your security when buying or selling online

Posted 31 Mar 16 by Guy Underwood

After a spate of recent Police reports concerning goods being bought and sold online, primarily through Gumtree, people are being urged to take caution.

While buying and selling online can provide great discounts and convenient options, there are a number of red flags that savvy shoppers should look out for.

Look out for

  • Parties offering to buy your goods sight unseen;
  • A buyer wanting to use a third party to pick up the items; and
  • Asking the seller to make a payment to release the goods to a courier to be reimbursed later.


  • Forwarding funds to release goods;
  • Handing items to buyers for inspection, especially if they are still in a vehicle;
  • Letting buyers into your home during the purchase process;
  • Meeting buyers in isolated or unfamiliar areas; and
  • Forwarding funds to release goods;
  • Pay out funds to any buyer

Guy’s top tips

  • Use FaceTime to show the item being sold (including condition and functionality);
  • Trust your instincts;
  • Be wary of buyers who do not negotiate; and
  • Remember your personal safety.


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